Uniting Data Scientists with Nutrition and Obesity Research

Boston Obesity Nutrition Datathon is an event to spark curiosity and foster the development of collaborations among the Boston community working in the data science space (engineers, data scientists), with the nutrition and obesity scientific community (researchers, clinicians, epidemiologists, biologists).


Bringing together members of the data science and clinical research communities.


Providing access to existing pools of data from nutrition and obesity research.


Developing new strategies for the exploration of data to find answers.



$ 500
First Prize
$ 500
Novelty Prize
$ 400
Third Prize

Event Cancelled

Data release

Publicly available data sets and newly-released data contributed by local researchers will be released to registered teams. Teams will have 1 week to prepare proposals and presentations.

During the week after data sets become available, teams will work together to create compelling visualizations, identify patterns, and discover novel insights. A group of mentor volunteers with expertise in the fields of Nutrition and Obesity will be available for teams to consult. At the end of the week and 24 hours before the event, teams will each submit a 3-5 page report with conclusions to the judging panel. Teams will have 5 minutes to present their findings at the event. 

Two top prizes for best and most creative novel insights will be awarded along with a third prize for best data visualization.

Supported by the

Boston Nutrition Obesity Research Center

at Boston University

BNORC aims to facilitate and support the conduct of cutting edge basic and translational research in the fields of nutrition and obesity science in the Boston area with the long term goal of promoting optimal health throughout the lifespan and aims to contribute to and help coordinate utilization of resources that enrich the education and training of investigators, be they new to the field or established investigators from other fields, in order to promote the conduct of trans-disciplinary nutrition and obesity research.​

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