Do you have datasets to contribute?

We are looking for datasets from the fields of Nutrition, Obesity, Eating Behavior, and Public Health (animal or human) for teams competing in our datathon to develop analyses and data visualizations. We will prioritize large datasets and datasets which have potential to address major questions in their respective fields. Data should be de-identified, IRB approved for sharing, or already publicly available. Datasets must be received by October 1 and will be uploaded to our website on a protected page for registered teams to access via file transfer protocol. To submit your data for consideration, please email with a short description of the data that you are submitting and any questions that you think the data may be able to answer.  

Short descriptions of your dataset and the name of the principle investigator will be posted publicly on the website. 

Why contribute?

Would you like to tap into the unique resources of the Boston data science community? If you contribute your data, data science teams will compete using your data to find the most compelling analyses and data visualizations to help you answer your research questions. Spend a week thinking outside the box and you will get a completely fresh look at your data.

What will teams do with the data?

A week before the datathon, your data will be posted online for teams to download. Teams will work over the course of a week looking at the data with new cutting-edge techniques for processing, analysis, and visualization that researchers may not usually have access to. By the end of the week, teams will present their findings at the datathon and compete to develop the most novel solutions to pressing questions in the field of obesity and nutrition research.


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