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We are looking for junior researchers, engineers, data-scientists and others to form teams of up to 5 individuals from diverse fields of study to participate in the Boston Obesity Nutrition Datathon. 

The overall goal of the Datathon is to spark curiosity and foster the development of collaborations among the Boston community working in the data science space (engineers, data scientists), with the nutrition and obesity scientific community (researchers, clinicians, epidemiologists, biologists).

Who can be on a team?

Short answer: Anyone with skills/knowledge to contribute and an investigative mind

Invite your friends! Our hope is to get as many teams as possible to work on datasets contributed by local researchers, to see what new information can be discovered. Mentors will be available to advise teams throughout the datathon. 

Ideally, at least 1 member of each team will have a strong background in data analysis. 

What will teams do?

Over the course of 1 week, October 19-26, teams will have access to a pool of datasets contributed by local researchers from the fields of Obesity and Nutrition Research as well as national datasets. Teams should work together to pick one or more datasets and a target question to come up with novel data analyses, inferences, and visualizations that could inform future research in those fields. We encourage teams to think creatively and collaboratively. 

$3000 will be awarded to teams who come up with the best ideas, results, and most novel data visualizations. 

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